The Interesting Cause and Effect

Grassfed Beef:  Cause & Effect

I picked up the meat from three cows at the butcher this afternoon, and upon loading the boxes of meat cuts, I made notice of the porterhouse steaks sitting on top of one of the boxes. They were well marbled and the fat was nice and creamy yellow.

As I was driving to the ice house where we store our meats, I was thinking about how the decision to stop running a breeding herd and just focus on beef production had produced interesting results. When we were running a breeding herd, my beef weights were lower than they should have been because of the competition between the mommas trying to raise their calves and the beef cows trying to put on weight.

Now that my concentration is all on better pastures and putting weight gain on the production animals, my animal weights have been much higher than in previous years.  That decision to move out of calving and into production has changed the quality of our beef. Changing our production model has allowed our animals to have better weight gains and improve the overall quality of the beef.

Hmmm, cause and effect.

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