Cleaning Out The Barn

Fall: A Fresh Start

Yesterday I finished up what had seemed to take three years to create. I finished spreading the manure pile that had ebbed and flowed with various amounts of manure, added to the past few years when cleaning the barn to get it ready for winter use. Usually this time of year the ground is soft from the fall rains, or I just don’t have the time to spread it out onto the pastures where it will do the most good, enriching the ground that the grass grows on. Unfortunately, that clean spot near the barn will only be clean for a day. Today, Ryan and I will work on cleaning the barn out to house the overwintering cows for this year. I think the clean out will only take a day but it will be all day at that. I like the change in the seasons where we get to clean up from the previous year and start fresh. That’s what usually happens in the fall. I reorganize the barn area or the equipment shed getting it ready for storage till next year. Rearranging and starting fresh is good for the sole some times. This time of year I get to put it all away for a fresh start next year. A chance to try it all again in the next season. There was a light frost on the roofs and ground this morning. I guess I’m not any too early.

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