The Heron Farm & Event Center

We envision a world where people are nourished by land and community.

Grounded in the land we steward, The Heron’s farm and events support community well-being and a deeper connection to nature, the arts, and each other. 

Great Blue Heron Music Festival 2023

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Our Vision, Mission & Values

Read about what guides us and what we believe 

We would love to see you at the Fredonia Farmers’ Market or visit our year-round Farm Store

Enjoy local, sustainable food from our farm, Green Heron Growers year round. Every Saturday we’ll be at the Fredonia Farmers Market from 10a-1p or we would love to have you visit us here at the farm! Our Farm Store is open daily from 8a-8p.
DELIVERY AVAILABLE to Buffalo, Chautauqua and Erie are when you order online!
Campers at The Heron Campground in Western New York

Bring your tent, hang your hammock, park your RV, or book one of our cozy Airbnb units!  

Voted #1 campsite in the US by Hipcamp, we know you’ll love your stay at the Heron.  

 Visit to learn more about what there is to see and do in the area as you are planning your trip!

Our Farm

Green Heron Growers is an organic farm nestled in the rolling hills of Chautauqua County. We specialize in raising 100% Grass­-fed Red Devon beef, organic chicken and shiitake mushrooms. We are dedicated to nurturing our plants and animals with loving care and to supporting biodiversity in the soils, pastures and forests.

The Farm Store

Buy organic, flavorful meats and produce raised on our land. 

Select from 100% grass-fed beef, GMO-free pork, certified organic chicken, shiitake mushrooms & seasonal produce. 

We raise food for conscious eaters who value quality products, animal welfare and land stewardship.

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We are so excited to see you at  the Great Blue Heron Music Festival in 2024!

Visit the Festival and Events Page for more info.

Calendar of Events

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Bathhouse Rendering

What is the PROGRESS on the BATHHOUSE?

We have CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS, and a new location selected.   Contractor’s bids should be submitted very soon!

If all goes well, we would break ground October 2023
and be finished by Summer 2024!

So far we have raised $45,000 in donations!

PLUS we have sold 100+ bricks to raise a bit more!  Help us reach our goal of a 1,000 bricks

Can we interest you in a BATHHOUSE Naming Opportunity?

Each Shower will cost $5000 and that is the amount for this naming opportunity. The bathhouse will have 6 showers inside and 2 outdoor showers! We will be FOREVER thankful and display a plaque that recognizes your contribution. THANK YOU!!!!

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The Heron Farm & Events Center



The Heron Farm and Events Center enriches the land, its community, and the lives of its visitors.  


We are a destination for families and people to connect to the land and the farm.

We produce, sell, and serve nutritious food, raised using regenerative agriculture. Our camping and lodging allow families to relax, enjoy nature, and create memories. We host concerts, festivals, retreats, and we offer educational opportunities.  

By connecting others to the land, we encourage and teach the importance of environmental stewardship. 


The Heron Farm and Events Center is guided and informed by our belief and commitments to the following values:  

Diversity:  We value all people, living things, and the land. We create and maintain a safe, loving, and compassionate community that respects diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences. We apply this same value to our agricultural practices and financial decision-making.

Creativity:  We promote a diversity of self-expression, focusing on music and art because creativity is the heart of the human experience. 

Harmony: We commit to the ways of coming together that foster union, peace, compassion, and acceptance.  

Integrity:  We are honest, authentic, and committed to what is best for the land and our visitors. We foster practices that build a safe, trustworthy community of employees, volunteers, and visitors.    

Regenerative Agriculture: We enrich the land that we farm through a combination of conservation and rehabilitation approaches that increase biodiversity, enhance the ecosystem, and strengthen the health of our soils and crops. 

Financial Sustainability: The Heron must be financially strong to enrich the land and the lives of others. Our financial decisions adhere to our core values and look to the future, so generations to come can connect with the beauty of this place.