Beef Bones for Broth

Our Beef Bones for Broth come in 4lb bags and are sourced directly from our farm and grass-fed Red Devon herd. They provide the perfect base for homemade bone stock. Ideal for soups and broths, these bones bring farm-to-table freshness to your kitchen.

  • 100% exclusive grass-fed and grass-finished beef
  • From Red Doven cattle raising using Managed Intensive Grazing
  • No Hormones or Antibiotics
  • Slow-cook or pressure-cook bones to extract as much nutrition as possible from them
  • Roast them for added complexity and flavor profile




Step into the tradition of making wholesome broths with our Beef Bones for Broth, sourced straight from our farm. These bones are the cornerstone of rich, homemade stocks known for their health benefits and culinary versatility. Whether simmering a pot of soup or building the base for a complex broth, these bones are your foundation for meals that nourish and satisfy.

Our commitment to sustainable farming ensures that each pack brings the honest, full-bodied flavor of well-raised cattle to your kitchen.

Incorporating our Beef Bones for Broth into your recipes means more than making food; it’s about honoring the age-old traditions of culinary craft with ingredients that trace back to clear skies, green pastures, and the hands of farmers who steward the land with respect. It’s a simple choice that deepens the flavor of your meals and the value of your table’s offerings.


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