Grass-fed Delmonico Steak

Our Delmonico steak, known for its exceptional marbling and deep flavor, is a standout choice. This 1lb boneless ribeye is cut from the lightly worked areas between the short loin and shoulder and offers unparalleled tenderness and taste.

  • 100% exclusive grass-fed and grass-finished beef
  • Devon Red cattle raised using Managed Intensive Grazing
  • No Hormones or Antibiotics
  • Great marbling for superior, meaty flavor
  • Best cooked medium-rare, lightly salted
  • Pairs with our Shittake Finishing Butter




Our grass-fed Delmonico steak, a distinguished 1lb cut also referred to as boneless ribeye, showcases the essence of quality, gourmet beef. Harvested from the region between the short loin and shoulder, it benefits from being a lightly-worked muscle, resulting in its remarkable tenderness.

The hallmark of the Delmonico is its marbling – the fat interlaced within the meat – which is not just visually appealing but crucial for its flavor profile. As the steak cooks, these fats render down and give the it a rich, savory taste.

Opting for our Delmonico steak means selecting a cut that excels in both flavor and versatility. Whether it’s the centerpiece of a sophisticated dinner or a surprising addition to your backyard barbecue, it cooks to perfection across a range of methods.


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