How to Buy Beef In Bulk

This time of year, we seem to get quite a few requests on how to buy larger quantities of beef such as a whole, half, or quarter cow. Our cows are raised 100% grass fed which means that the only feed they get are certified organic pasture grasses and winter forages raised on the farm. The reason that is important is because cows are herbivore and should only consume grass. That subject is a separate topic for another day, but simply stated, the quality of the meat is higher in the important fats like Omega 3’s (non-inflammatory) and lower in fats such as Omega 6’s (inflammatory). Grass fed beef has a higher linoleic acid profile which is important as an anti-cancer property, plus a greater overall mineral profile. The reason why I state this is because we only butcher our animals when they are on pasture grasses.

If you were interested in buying a half or whole animal, you would pay a deposit through our website’s online store or send a check to us. We would then schedule your request on the next available butcher date. The $6.55 per pound hanging weight is what you would pay for the animal after it is slaughtered, dressed and hung before the cutting stage. The deposit for a whole cow is $800, and for a half cow it’s $600. (See info below about how we prefer to sell quarter cows.)

For example, if the animal is 710# hanging weight and you wanted a half cow from that cow, you would pay for 1/2 of the hanging weight or 355# times $6.55 per pound. In this case it cost $2,325.25. You would end up with approximately 225# of actual beef meat in your packages due to cutting loss and bones not taken. We pay all the butcher’s fees, so this is your total price in this example.

The great thing about purchasing an animal this way is that you get to decide how you want the animal cut up. You decide how thick you want your steaks, how much burger you would like, what size you want the packages to be, and you don’t need to take cuts that you might not ever have a use for. We’ll let you know when it’s time to call the butcher. You would have a conversation with the butcher about your cut instructions and then you would pick up your meat at the butcher shop.

If you are wondering how much space it will take to hold all this bulk meat, we generally figure a whole cow takes up about 15 cubic ft. of freezer space, a half would be 8 cubic ft., and a quarter cow is about 4 cubic ft.  The advantages to having your freezer full of beef are manyfold. It gives you the ability to meal plan without having to go to the grocery store, you have the best quality of beef available anywhere, and you get to save money on the purchase because you are buying in bulk.

Another way to purchase in bulk from Green Heron Growers is to buy a Farmer Steve 100# Quarter Cow ($1375) or a Farmer Julie 50# Beef Select Box ($625). Both these bulk options are available by contacting us to plan for a pickup or by ordering from our website store.

We often have folks looking for a bulk beef during the off season, when we are not butchering, so we made up a standard 100# quarter cow package list. This standard Farmer Steve Quarter Cow can be purchased at any time of the year and the selection is conveniently predetermined ahead of time for you. Ask us for a list of cuts that are in either of these choices. Ever since we have been raising 100% grass fed beef, our most utilized package has been the Farmer Julie 50# Beef Select Box. That package gives you an ample selection of all the cuts available for your convenience and cooking creativity.

I hope this has given you a simple perspective on how to purchase larger bulk quantities of beef. The simplicity of a larger purchase saves you time and money, plus you have available at your fingertips the best beef money can buy.  As always, if you have a question feel free to contact me by phone or text, Farmer Steve: 716-720-3695 or by email at [email protected]


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