Finish What you Start

The old adage of giving yourself a new start with new hope never quite worked for me as far as New Years Resolutions go.  I just felt more comfortable working on finishing the previous years ideas that never got done.

One such thought was to remove the cover from the greenhouse and let Mother Nature purify the soil through rain and snow fall. In my readings I learned that nature will cleanse the soil of built up levels of nutrients and bring it back to its more balanced self. I have been using the greenhouse for 5 years now adding decayed organic matter and using organic liquid solutions for growth with great success.

One problem that I could not shake in the greenhouse was a brown rust that develops on my tomatoes. Slow to start and my hopes to not have the problem every year fails in the final weeks of the season subsequently causing the plant to wither away and finally stop producing fruit.

This year, my urge to rip the plastic cover off the greenhouse got the best of me and with knife in hand and ladder, went out and cut all the edges of the plastic and exposed the inner portals of the greenhouse to Mother Nature. I’m going to let snowfall and the winter months cleanse the ground that grow the beautiful fruit that ended up at the farmers market next summer.

Nature will provide.

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