T-Bone Steak

Our grass-fed T-Bone Steaks are cut to 1lb and are a Heron delight.  They are perfect for grilling or broiling and offer a satisfying taste of the farm with every bite. Grass-fed and raised with care, they’re tasty, wholesome, and healthy.

  • 100% exclusive grass-fed and grass-finished beef
  • Devon Red cattle raised using Managed Intensive Grazing
  • No Hormones or Antibiotics
  • Great marbling for superior, meaty flavor
  • Best cooked medium-rare, lightly salted
  • Pairs with our Shittake Finishing Butter




Embrace the hearty flavor of the countryside with our Grass-Fed T-Bone Steak, averaging 1 pound per cut.

Each steak is a celebration of organic farming and natural rearing, coming from Red Devon cattle that graze freely on lush pastures. This grass-fed diet ensures that every t-bone steak is not only flavorful but also packed with nutrients, aligning with a wholesome lifestyle.

T-Bone steaks are renowned for their distinct shape and the unique combination of two prized cuts: the tenderloin and the strip. This dual personality allows for a versatile cooking experience, suitable for fast, dry heat methods like grilling or broiling, ensuring a delectable crust with a juicy, tender interior.

Our commitment to sustainable farming practices means that each steak not only brings the taste of the farm directly to your table but also supports a healthier planet. The t-bone offers a meal that’s as satisfying to the palate as it is beneficial to the body and the environment.

Choose our grass-fed t-bone steak for a genuine farmhouse steak experience—tasty, healthy, and rooted in the values of quality and care.



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