Along with offering collectable music festival merch, our farm raises organic, flavorful, nourishing 100% grass-fed heritage beef, GMO-free pork, certified organic chicken, shiitake mushrooms & vegetables for conscious eaters who value quality products, animal welfare and stewardship of the land.

Burger Patties


3-pack Burger Patties {⅓ lb each} We make it easy on you with our pre-made burgers. Start the grill and you’re halfway to a delicious dinner! We suggest seasoning with just salt and pepper.



 Our Burgers are perfectly paired with our Shiitake Mushrooms and a good Swiss cheese!


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Pickup & Delivery

Order online for easy PICKUP at seasonal markets or at our Farm Store in Sherman, NY. We also offer HOME DELIVERY in Chautauqua County, the Buffalo/Williamsville, NY and Erie, PA regions. Fees may apply at checkout. ONLY NON-PERISHABLE farm products or festival merchandise can be shipped.

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