From Summer to Winter: Enjoy Our Products Year Round

Steve at the farmer's market

Winter Home Deliveries to the Buffalo Region & CHQ County

Winter Products

Summer markets are always full of lots of varied meats and produce, with much anticipation for the ever-changing seasons of both variety and selection. As the summer markets are coming to an end, so marks the end of much of the tender vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, peas and beans. In come all the root crops we like to grow such as potatoes, winter carrots, onions, and beets. Soups, broths, dips, cheeses and more are also available. Look for all our products on our online store. It’s easy to place an order using your credit card and we’ll drop your selections at your front door!

Home Delivery Zones

Our customers that we see in the Buffalo region can still access our product diversity in the winter months by utilizing our home delivery option! We deliver into the Buffalo area, or anywhere in between there and our farm, twice a month through the winter. You can have our meats (100% grassfed beef, organic chicken and pastured pork), soups, broths and root crops. There’s also delivery within CHQ county!

Farmer’s Market Never Stop

We move inside  all winter with the Fredonia Winter Market to the Masonic Temple on Main St. from November to May. We’d love to see your smiling faces through the winter’s dreary.

For now, stock up on what you can at the last of the summer markets!

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