Julie and Steve Rockcastel at The Heron Farm Store

Drop by the farm and shop our self service store anytime of the year. We are open 8-8 daily, but in summer the door are usually open till dark. Our freezers are stocked with 100% grass fed beef, organic chicken and heritage pork. Check the fridge for fresh shiitake mushrooms, veggies, cheese and eggs. Campers love to get burgers to grill and eggs for breakfast!  Tee shirts and other fun merchandise can be found here too.

Enjoy Our Goods, Raised With Love

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Locations: Find us at local markets

Fredonia Farmers Market

Forest Masonic Lodge  #166
321 E Main  Street
Fredonia,  NY  14063

Saturday’s 10AM – 1PM


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We also offer HOME DELIVERY in Chautauqua County, the Buffalo/Williamsville, NY and Erie, PA regions. Fees may apply at checkout. ONLY NON-PERISHABLE farm products or festival merchandise can be shipped.

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Our Vision, Mission & Values

Read about what guides us and what we believe 


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The Heron Farm & Events Center



The Heron Farm and Events Center enriches the land, its community, and the lives of its visitors.  


We are a destination for families and people to connect to the land and the farm.

We produce, sell, and serve nutritious food, raised using regenerative agriculture. Our camping and lodging allow families to relax, enjoy nature, and create memories. We host concerts, festivals, retreats, and we offer educational opportunities.  

By connecting others to the land, we encourage and teach the importance of environmental stewardship. 


The Heron Farm and Events Center is guided and informed by our belief and commitments to the following values:  

Diversity:  We value all people, living things, and the land. We create and maintain a safe, loving, and compassionate community that respects diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences. We apply this same value to our agricultural practices and financial decision-making.

Creativity:  We promote a diversity of self-expression, focusing on music and art because creativity is the heart of the human experience. 

Harmony: We commit to the ways of coming together that foster union, peace, compassion, and acceptance.  

Integrity:  We are honest, authentic, and committed to what is best for the land and our visitors. We foster practices that build a safe, trustworthy community of employees, volunteers, and visitors.    

Regenerative Agriculture: We enrich the land that we farm through a combination of conservation and rehabilitation approaches that increase biodiversity, enhance the ecosystem, and strengthen the health of our soils and crops. 

Financial Sustainability: The Heron must be financially strong to enrich the land and the lives of others. Our financial decisions adhere to our core values and look to the future, so generations to come can connect with the beauty of this place.