Certified Organic Chicken

Each season we raise 500 Cornish Cross meat birds.

The baby chicks arrive by parcel post when they are two days old. At three weeks old, the birds are taken from the brooder out into the pasture and placed inside chicken tractors. 

These tractors are movable enclosures that keep predators away and provide shade and weather protection for the birds. Twice daily the chicken tractors are moved, by hand, to a new patch of fresh grass.

Some of the birds’ diet consists of grasses and insects with this pasture method. Lots of healthy omega-3s are absorbed by the birds when eating grass which is good for them and good for us! The bulk of the birds’ diets consists of certified organic grains. These high-quality grains are grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides and do not contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

When the birds reach full size, at about eight weeks, we respectfully butcher and package them here on the farm ourselves. We take great care to personally handle every step of the process from two-day-old chicks to the finished birds that you enjoy at your dinner table.

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