Grass-Fed Beef

Our herd contains pure Red Devon and Red Devon crosses that are known for their ability to convert grass to meat effectively and efficiently, and to marble without consuming grain. Devon cattle have been at the heart of American agriculture since Pilgrim times. Red Devon beef, like ours, provides flavorful and tender beef from an exclusively grass-fed diet.

During the growing season, our cows are moved to new sections of lush pasture every day by Farmer Steve & herdsman Ryan Hoitink. Rotation of the animals, through small sections of the pasture, builds organic matter, increases the health of the grasses, and sequesters carbon into the soil. This is called MIG or managed intensive grazing.

Did you know that cows are herbivores and were not meant to consume grain? Foraging for grass, legumes and herbs is the natural way for cattle to eat.

In winter, our cows are fed stored pasture grasses called baleage. We welcome you to meet our Devon herd and see how we manage them with love and care. Book a tour and see the cows in action!