From The Rootcellar: The Perfect Pan Au Jus

There is only one thing that can compliment the perfect Roasted Chicken and that’s the Perfect Pan Au Jus.  This meal itself really is elegant and sure to impress your most finicky guest.  We’re pretty much grain free, over here at The Heron and our favorite binding agent for gravy is Arrowroot Flour. You can find this at your local food co-op or even Wegmans. You can experiment with guar gum and coconut flour too but Arrowroot Flour works best for us. Of course there’s the traditional binding agents, flour or corn starch and by all means, use them if that’s all you have in your pantry.

The Perfect Pan Au Jus

Roasting pan, with juices, from your perviously Roasted Chicken
1 TB spoon of Arrowroot for every cup of pan juices *Just eye it*
Salt and Pepper to taste

Heat pan on stove top over med-high heat. Add arrow root and whisk until juices start to thicken. Add salt and pepper to taste and serve! ENJOY!!!



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