From The Rootcellar: Roasted Chicken

Hands down one of my favorite meals to cook, any day of the week, is a Roast Chicken. Crispy skin, a wing or dark, thigh piece, mashed potatoes with pan au jus? It’s such a simple meal but so beautiful and delicious, when all put together.

I think most people shy away from cooking a big bird, other than at Thanksgiving (and that’s a turkey, a completely different subject) because it can appear to be difficult. Well, folks, I’m here to tell you it’s not! Look no further, here’s the perfect Roast Chicken recipe. Secret ingredient? A digital thermometer. Lucky for you we sell digital thermometers in our Farm Store, so stop by today to pick one up!


Green Heron Roasted Chicken

1 organic whole chicken, 4-5lbs
1.5 TB of your favorite spice rub (Lemongrass Curry and Chipotle Herb are my current favorite)*
Salt (Think Kosher, Himalayan or Course) and Pepper
1 TB Olive Oil
Digital Thermometer

Pre-heat oven to 365′

Rinse bird under cool water and pat dry with paper towels. Place bird in a roasting pan and drizzle with olive oil. Use your hands to distribute oil on bird. Next, sprinkle the spice rub on the chicken, again using hands to season the bird. Last, season with a generous amount of salt and pepper.

Place bird in oven, uncovered, for 1 hour. Now use the secret ingredient (the digital thermometer) and check for the chicken to read 165′.

Give the bird 10 minutes to rest and loosely cover it with tin foil. This will give the juices time to redistribute. Carve and serve with mashers and your favorite gravy recipe. Coming up next…the perfect pan au jus.

*Spices are a great way to change the flavor of both meat and veggie dishes. I love Savory Spice Shop, in Boulder, Colorado. They will ship directly to you and every spice is hand blended. Better yet? Go support your local spice shop.



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