Warm Winter Weather Projects

Farmers tend to be individuals that are always focused on the weather and looking into the future, planning activities that can be done according to the weather patterns.

Usually in winter time, I am busy planning seed orders for spring, scheduling sowing dates, and reading anything I can get my hands on to enrich my knowledge of regenerative farming practices. The past several days I have been working on areas of the farm not previously thought to be possible at this time of year.

First off, I have an oversized manure pile that was accumulated from the bedded pack created in the over wintering of the cows last year. This week I’ve actually been able to load and spread this pile onto the pastures for nutrient enrichment for the upcoming grazing season.

When cleaning up the previous years manure pile last fall, I was able to spread manure onto fields not usually hit. Unfortunately, because of a barn area was built before I had full knowledge of proper practices, I get an abundance of big rocks in the manure each winter.

Today for my warm winter weather project, I am walking the field (our green lot, for those that know the festival property) picking rocks and using them to fill driveway holes. I am sharing this with you in case you were wondering what was happening on the farm in the off season!

Get outside and take in some vitamin D! Your body will thank you.

manure spreader ready to unload


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