Spring is in the Air at Rockcastle Ranch!

Everyone seems to have their own signs of spring coming, once you’re on the other side of winter. I noticed the smell of skunk the other day and the most obvious, the geese flying north. Today I had another sign of spring, quite surprisingly actually. I was over at the barn, ready to start chores after letting the goats out to roam around for awhile.

I turned the corner and there standing at the other end of the barn was Penelope with a calf standing next to her. It was a wee little thing and the first thing I thought of was,”thank goodness, it is a small calf”. Penny is a first year heifer and last year I had to assist with both the first year heifer births. I sure do love unassisted births. I watched how the Momma interacted with the calf and if she was comfortable with the calf. She didn’t miss a beat. King Tut must have been assigned the watchdog because every time I got close to the calf, he was over there being bold and attentive, which is not like him at all.


As I finished chores, I witnessed the calf figuring out what she was suppose to do and had secured a nipple and getting the first of her colostrum, which is the way of the Momma giving the calf all her immune system. Pretty spectacular. Activities like this evening is one of the many reasons I really love what I do. Life is pretty good at the Rockcastle Ranch.


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