Lazy Sunday’s

Even those of us that work 7 days a week seem to be able to take Sunday and relax just a while at least in the morning. I tend to try and sleep a bit longer, take longer at breakfast or just enjoy reading the Sunday paper on the couch. The list of “things to do” is still there but not hanging over my head, as badly, just because it’s Sunday.


This afternoon will be time to plan the summer chicken broiler rotation and numbers and get them ordered for this upcoming season. We raise 500 chickens on pasture using the Joel Salatin chicken tractor method. Those birds are with us from the second day of hatching till they go into the freezer for sale to our fine customers. Under the organic standards, our birds are fed a certified organic grain mix produced solely from domestic grains and the birds are raised on certified organic pastures. The cages get moved twice a day for optimum utilization of the grasses in the pasture (Omega 3’s) along with any bugs that are available, plus much needed sunshine (Vit D) and fresh air blowing across the pasture. We do all our own bird dressing which gives us total control on their “one bad day” with humane protocol for dressing and high tech equipment (Whizbang chicken plucker and scalding tank). I believe this care in raising, handling and eviscerating our animals give the customer the highest quality product available on the market today.

Thanks for all your support!

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