Celestial Awesomeness

 As I’m sure everyone was aware of, the Solar Eclipse that just blessed us with it’s appearance. Our experience was one to remember!
We planned a 2-day eclipse event thinking that would be a great way to share the PFM property next door and also launch our event space. The PFM property has a large building that was perfect for a venue space. With the help of a Chautauqua County bed tax grant, we were able to transform that space into a performance venue with the addition of an infra red heat system, sound absorption baffles and a performance stage.
For our Eclipse Celebration we scheduling two bands on Sunday night for a Cosmic Dance Party, then yoga and drumming workshops, food & craft venders, and a Gong Bath. The property has a wide open sky, perfect for viewing the solar eclipse the next day. We ended up with over 300 people enjoy music, workshops, community, and lots of good food and drink.
The eclipse day’s weather was questionable with slow moving clouds, but we were able to get snapshot views of the eclipse phases progressing all the way through, creating anticipation as to if we were actually going to see the full eclipse view. As the upper and lower cloud covers passed by each other, making us wonder if it was going to happen, the sun went into 100% totality!  We were able to catch a 15 second cloud opening that gave us a full view of totality, right down to seeing the red diamond spot and some solar flares. The crowd of 300 people erupted into cheers and screams of joy at such an awesome sight!!
This day was a day to remember for my lifetime and the enjoyment of sharing this experience with our friends was “Pure F..king Magic! Fill in the letters and you can figure out where PFM came from!
To celebrate the eclipse we are going to offer a special of 20% off our Chuck Roast beef. My plan is to use our favorite recipe and offer sampling of this delicious cut of beef. Along with that, you can get a recipe for the “Simplest Chuck Roast Ever”. This month you can also pick up our ground beef special. If you buy 5 of any ground beef packages (1#, 2# or patties) you get 1 FREE package of the best ground beef you’ve ever tasted. Hows that for a Celestial Special? Come say “Hi”, at the Fredonia Farmers Market, to your Cosmic Farmer Steve!

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