Accidents on the Farm

Baleage rounds that were wrapped in white plastic for feed for the cows in the winter months

Accidents are so random that you never think about how or why they happen. They just do. Several days ago Ryan, our herdsman and I were picking up baleage rounds that were put up by our contractor to be wrapped in white plastic for feed for the cows in the winter months. On this occasion, one of the bales broke apart and was laying in front of the wrapper right in the way. The cows were grazing in the next field so I figured I would just pick up what I could and feed it to them instead of going in to the compost pile. I was dropping it into the pasture and noticed the wrap needed to be cut off so I quickly went to jump off to do that when somehow I flipped the forward/ reverse lever on the tractor and with the tractor in high RPM, shot into reverse, throwing me off the tractor, somehow missing the big front wheel and onto the ground. I remember looking back out of the corner of my eye to watch the tractor heading in the other direction at full speed out of control. The gate was directly behind me and I could hear it thrashing over that and heading for the barn. Then it stopped. It seems one of the large locust posts that were used for the corner of the gate was enough to stop this beast of a machine in its tracts. I guess I got up and climbed onto the tractor and moved it off the freshly careened fence only to watch the cows who were there watching, move towards the barnyard that now has no fence to hold them in.

Luckily, my UTV was near by with all the potable fence equipment in it. Not even batting an eye, I grabbed some posts and a reel and put up a temporary fence to keep them in their pasture. Like a blink of an eye, the whole incident was over and done. I believe my guardian angel was up there watching out for me on that incident. You think it can’t happen to you but farm accidents do happen. I’m just glad I’m able to sit here and write to you about it rather than what might have possibly happened. And that is what it’s like to be a farmer.

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