Life on a farm can be very fragile some times

Cosmo, Bernese Mountain Dog

You try to provide the best of everything to your animals hoping they will live a full life to grow to its fullest potential. Our Bernese Mountain dog, Cosmo, was a classic example.

He was a gentle giant. He had all the best meat bones, lots of people around to always love him and show him attention and lots of room to run and explore.

Last week he became very lethargic and uninterested in most things that made him happy. We took him to the vet three times trying to find out why he was not well. The last time to the vet they decided to do an X-ray and found that he had a collapsed lung. They put him on a ventilator in hopes of reinflate his lung but there was a tear in the wall Of his lung and the ventilator only ended up filling his chest cavity. Because of his poor condition, he never made it off the anesthesia. He died laying on the table.

It is hard to believe a 14 month old dog could have such a condition to cause that to happen. There never seems to be an explanation some times to events that happen on the farm. The loss is hard to understand and even harder to let go. I was to grow old with this beautiful being and now he’s gone.

That’s life on the farm some times.

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