Harvesting Wisdom: Transitioning with the Seasons in Farming and Life

Farm responsibilities with Steve Rockcastle

Navigating Farm Responsibilities Through the Seasons: Insights and Reflections

It’s interesting how the mind moves around farm responsibilities as the seasons change. I was earlier thinking most about moving cows for grazing and chickens so they get fat on pasture to now, cleaning out the manure from the barn to get ready for the winter season and rebuilding barn doors that the cows tore apart last spring as they impatiently waited for spring grass. The veggie garden is gradually opening up growing beds as I harvest things like carrots and beets and such. It’s too late to sow any more seeds for production as the days till first frost slowly creep closer to reality. Those empty beds will soon have a fall cover crop of cow peas and oats to keep roots in the ground for winter. I’m mentally taking notes as to what worked and didn’t work this year in the garden thinking I should really write some of this down so I don’t forget it. I’ll do that one tomorrow. I’m also eyeing certain crops like tomatoes and peppers, planning my best time to harvest some of them for winter preserves. It gives me a satisfied feeling in the winter when my dinner plate is full of the food from the farm.

What keeps your mind busy as we move into the fall season? Time to make a plan for that fall transition so you don’t get caught short. I’m trying to keep my mind busy so I don’t dwell on the loss of my dog friend Cosmo.

Fresh Veggies from the Farm

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