From The Rootcellar: Tallow and Pine Cone Bird Feeders

Attachment-1Here’s a great way to keep your feathered friends happy during the colder, winter months! At The Heron we are lucky enough to make our own tallow, rendered fat from the cows that we raise on the farm. You can pick up tallow at our farm store any day of the week. Click HERE, for directions.

Making these pinecones is a great family¬†project or like we did this Christmas, started a new tradition by decorating the pine trees outside my brother’s home, instead of decorating and cutting down a tradition tree! You’ll only need a few materials to get started.

30, Fully Opened Pinecones (you can gather them from the forest floor or order them online. I wouldn’t recommend getting them at a craft store, since many of these are sprayed and often scented). **The tallow should be at room temperature for this project**
Tallow (one quart)
Bird Seed (about a pound)
String (cut in to 10 inch sections)

Tie string around the pine cone to make a loop.
Pour the bird seed in to a bowl.
Take a spoon and generously cover the entire pinecone with tallow.
Next, dip and roll the pinecone in the bird seed and just like magic, you are done! Now, head outside to hang them on your favorite bird watching trees.

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