A (Carrot) Thief in the Night

I just got back inside from digging carrots and beets in the dark after being on the road all day.

I had finished digging the carrots and was heading over to the the beets in the wayback garden, donned with my headlamp and rainsuit as the 18” of snow from yesterday was turning into a wet mush after it had rained all day. As I walked around the corner of the evergreen hedgerow, I saw a bead of light on the other side of my animal protection fence. I wondered to myself if there was some sort of nightlight I had left in the garden.

As I walked closer and started to open the fence, I noticed that in the middle of two beds of carrots, surrounded by carrots freshly dug from the garden, was a perfectly camouflaged rabbit looking at me. I think we were both thinking to ourselves, “What are you doing in my garden?” He seemed perfectly content where he was but then realized, I think, that he probably should leave and hurriedly scampered off through my animal protection fence and into the surrounding weeds. I really wasn’t too upset with him because it was my fault that I had not covered the carrots with hay yet which made it easy for him to find a bite to eat. I’m fine with sharing the garden with him, I guess. He kind of made my day. Those are some of the wonders of having a garden in the country.

We’ll be digging carrots weekly for the Fredonia Market till the rabbits or I get them all!

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