Great Rhythm Revival/Night Lights at Heron

Another perfectly awesome accident happened. I was already planning on spending last weekend up at the Heron to do some volunteering, and by a very fortunate circumstance, I ended up showing up during the weekend of Jim Donovan‘s Great Rhythm Revival.

During my travels, I got to meet Jim Donovan, the drummer of Rusted Root, columnist for DRUM! Magazine, teacher, professional, creator and resident of my native Greensburg Metro.

Also, I got to experience Heron Night Lights. I know, drums and lights in the immersive environment of the Heron? It’s like they knew I was coming! 🙂 Had there been piano, a bottomless Bourbon bar and a never-ending cigar humidor, I may have never left. (Probably would also require food, but hell, there’s nutrition in whiskey, don’t lie…)

I got to see Kristine, Maria, Steve, Julie, Doug, Beth and the rest of our extended Blue Heron family, all while repairing some equipment and working on a GPS map of the property.

It was good to get some hours in up in the Amish countryside one last time before it gets prohibitively cold (though it was damn near prohibitively cold this weekend too, ugh.) Can’t wait to go back, hopefully dragging Bober along next time.

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