The herd is consuming pasture grass like it is going out of style. This year I plan to follow the cattle with manure applications of composted manure from last year. My hopes are to stimulate the grass with a bit of manure. I took a loop onto our hay field which we took control of last year and noticed that the growth there was just about non existent. That field has been “mined” basically for years just putting chemical urea fertilizer on it to push growth and take, take , take. I ordered 34 ton of Turkey manure which hopefully will come the end of this week to top dress and stimulate growth. This organic approach to fertilization will be part of my attempt to reinvigorate the microbes in the soil along with several foliar spray applications of organic carbon based fertilizer to feed the microbes through foliar feeding. This will be an arduous process but I believe that in the end, this field will be very abundant like the other fields I have been managing organically stimulating the herd of microbes below that will feed the herd of bovine animals above.