The Heron

Retreat & Campground Facilities


The Heron land contains 200 acres, mostly woodlands and hiking trails, but also pastures with farmland vistas, a seven acre pond stocked with fish, perfect for swimming, plus farm animals, a mushroom yard
and vegetable gardens.

The Heron infrastructure includes a kitchen facility that can accommodate parties as large as 400. We have a bathhouse with flush toilets and hot showers. Our drinking water comes from our wells. Picnic tables and banquet tables are available. Outdoor seating, protected from the rain, usually requires tent rentals. Other buildings include our Cafe in the Woods, a sauna, and a tree house. At this time we have very little housing for guests, but plenty of room for personal camping units. There are a few electric and water hook-ups. Weʼre NOT your convention campground with tight spacing, numbered slots and a recreation hall, though we do have a pool table! We hope you will be enriched & entertained by the natural beauty the land has to offer.

Camping options include:

  1. Open meadow camping where you can park your RV or vehicle or put up tents, spaced as youʼd like. We have very large graasy areas, some with wooded edges.
  2. Woodland camping where you would transport your gear by hand or cart to the site you select. This can be a very short distance, like 20ʼ or a half mile way, depending on your abilities and desires. With the size of our woodlot, you can choose to have a very primitive camping experience. Just know that we prefer not to have vehicles parked in our woods.

    Upon arrival, someone will assist you in finding an campsite suitable for you. Make sure to get a trail map.


  • Leave your pets at home. Some exceptions can be made, but you must ask first. We have two dogs that live here with us.
  • You can build a fire at your campsite, but consider sharing one with others first. Please donʼt bring firewood (we have plenty here and transporting firewood may allow Emerald Ash Borers to infect our trees).
  • Leave no trace of your visit here. Take home everything you brought or put it in the recycling containers. Field strip cigarettes and pocket the filter or put them in our orange “Butt Cans”.
  • Keep vehicles out of the woods. Some unloading is permitted. Please ask first.
  • Camping areas are quiet after 11pm, unless itʼs an evening with a drum circle. In that case, make sure you are as close or far form it as you need to be.
  • Consumption of alcohol by anyone under 21 in prohibited.

Fishing is allowed, eat all the Bluegill you want, catch and release the rest. All Trails are marked with Blue dots and circle back to the main areas. Pay attention to where you are headed in the woods, so you donʼt get lost. Get a map on arrival.
Ask for a way to participate and help out, if you want. We always can use a hand care-taking this special place.

Nurture your Soul, Nourish your Body, Embrace the Earth 
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